Integrated Piping System

An affordable and green HVAC solution!   The Integrated Piping System (IPS™) from Williams is a quiet and reliable LEED-friendly hydronic heating and cooling system.   Williams IPS™ offers significant savings on installation and operating costs for high quality comfort for about half the cost of a typical hydronic terminal system.   Ideal for select service hospitality, assisted living, condos, apartments and dorms, this unique system uses the domestic water piping and equipment already in place to provide an quiet and comfortable hydronic solution that’s easy to design, manage and maintain.

Each terminal unit is equipped with an individual thermostat allowing occupants to have complete control of their environment.   IPS™ satisfies national and local code requirements.

IPS™ Advantages

  • Increased comfort - IPS™ delivers true hydronic heating and cooling comfort creating a ideal environment for guests or residents for a lot less than traditional systems.
  • Reduced installed costs – use of domestic supply and return hot water lines for space heating eliminates the need for dedicated comfort system piping and equipment such as boilers, pumps and storage tanks.
  • Reduced operating costs - less equipment, reduced run time and greater chiller efficiency means better control of energy usage throughout the year.
  • Increased property value - better comfort and lower operating costs translates into higher operating income and may increase the resale value of your property.
  • Reduced building penetration – PTAC units are highly invasive to the building envelope. With IPS™, you get a quieter, more comfortable environment without unsightly exterior equipment on your building.
  • LEED-friendly energy savings – up to 60% more efficient than PTACs units, IPS™ requires fewer materials, employs dual use of the domestic water system, eliminates noisy compressors in the occupied space and reduces power consumption.
  • IPS™ Control Board – our exclusive control board adapts to all 24-volt fan coil thermostats. It has a coil purge timer per ANSI standard; fan, pump, and damper relays; alarm interrupt with LED flash code for protection against freeze-up and condensate overflow.
  • Quiet operation – consolidated, out-of-the-way mechanical system unlike noisy, invasive PTAC units – makes the IPS™ from Williams virtually invisible.
  • Double-wall plate heat exchanger ensures integrity of the potable water supply - the number one concern is always to maintain the safety and integrity of the potable water supply. The Integrated Piping System’s double-wall plate heat exchanger fully isolates the chilled water supply from the domestic water at all times.

IPS™ Terminal Unit

The IPS™ Terminal Unit contains essential features specifically designed to work with IPS™, ensuring reliable operation and maximum efficiency. Along with dedicated sales and engineering support, IPS™ Terminal Units are backed by Williams, a leader in hydronic HVAC products for commercial applications.

  • Easy to maintain IPS™ Terminal Units are custom-built to work with IPS™ and are individually zoned, giving occupants 100% control of their environment.
  • Coils can be configured with row selection, circuiting and various fins per inch for optimum performance.
  • Units are selected at low flows to take advantage of larger Delta-Ts. Lower flows allow IPS™ Terminal Units to operate at reduced pressure drops.
  • The factory-mounted control board maintains water quality and allows for the selection of any 24-volt, four-pipe fan coil thermostat.
  • Unit configurations and sizes are selected per individual project requirements to ensure proper fit and performance.