High Performance Cased/Closet Basic Bottom Return (CV-B)

The Cased Vertical Basic (CV-B) is a high performance, high-static (up to .50 ESP), ducted vertical fan coil with a bottom return.   Primarily used in floor-mounted or hideaway applications, the CV-B is furred into partition walls, hidden closets, or utility rooms with a ducted discharge.  A removable front access panel facilitates easy servicing.   The CV-B comes with comes with a coil, easy slide-out blower/motor assembly with quick-connect plug and a  galvanized steel, powder-coated epoxy drain pan covered with ⅛-inch thick insulation.  The galvanized steel cabinet is insulated with ½-inch thick, over three pound density, neoprene-coated fiberglass.   A one-inch duct flange is standard on the top panel.