Vertical Air Handler Deluxe Painted Cabinet (AV-D)

The Vertical Deluxe Belt-Driven Air Handler (AV-D) draw-through designs are available for either indoor or outdoor applications and are equipped with a blower that can handle up to 3.75 ESP.  The AV-D is housed in heavy-gauge galvanized cabinet insulated with ½-inch thick, over three pound, neoprene-coated fiberglass and finished with a soft-white powder-coat epoxy.  The AV-D comes with a ½-inch OD copper tube coil, forward-curved, dynamically balanced belt-driven blowers, motor, and a galvanized steel, powder-coated epoxy drain pan insulated with ⅛-inch thick insulation.   A flat filter section, with a two-inch, 30% pleated efficiency filter is included.   Access doors are located on both sides of the unit for easy maintenance.   Supply and return-air openings have a one-inch duct collar.