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Top-Vent Counterflow

Models require less than one square foot of floor space.  They may be recessed into the stud space or surface mounted and vented vertically through the ceiling and roof.

Direct-Vent Counterflow

The forced-air circulation comfort heating system uses only outside air for combustion, as the burners are completely sealed within the combustion chamber.  Combustion products are discharged outdoors through the wall vent.  This eliminates the expense of a vent.  All vent caps include a built-in “Bird Guard.”  All vent material is included. Ideal for garages.

Design Features

  • Freestanding or recessed, Forsaire furnaces are ideal for homes, apartments, offices, schools, cabins and many other applications
  • Counterflow blower system circulates ceiling-to-floor warm air
  • “Matchless” pilot igniter
  • Multi-room heating with optional outlet accessories to heat up to three rooms
  • Equipped with a four-foot service cord
  • Natural or propane models (conversion kits available)
  • Automatic temperature and safety controls
  • Resettable vent-limit safety switch (top-vent models)