Easy Riser Master and Slave (ER-M/ER-S)


The Easy Riser Master (ER-M) and Slave (ER-S) Vertical Stack are low-static (up to .25 ESP) fan coils with a draw-through design.   The Master (ER-M) and Slave (ER-S) combination are separate fan coils designed to be piped to a common set of risers.   The Master (ER-M) units are piped in series, one above the other.   Each Vertical Stack fan coil has its own valves and controls.   The ER-M and ER-S cabinets are galvanized steel, 88 inches in height and insulated with ½-inch thick, over three pound density, neoprene-coated fiberglass.   The ER-M and ER-S units have full easy access through the return-air grilles to their separate the ½-inch OD copper tube coil, easy slide-out blower/motor assembly with quick-connect plug and a galvanized steel, powder-coat epoxy drain pan covered with ⅛-inch thick insulation.  The ER-M/ER-S combination is designed for concealed applications.  Risers are ordered separately due to size changes throughout the building.