Ultra High-Efficiency Direct-Vent Furnaces (93% AFUE)

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The most efficient Direct-Vent Furnace on the market. Our Ultra High-Efficiency Direct-Vent units are great for homes, offices, garages and room additions. Natural and propane models feature a sealed combustion chamber and 2-stage heat exchanger that utilize fresh outside air for combustion.

Design Features

  • Efficiency Rating: 93% (AFUE) – Lower fuel consumption and eco-friendly.
  • Two sizes to meet your heating needs.
    • 17,500 Btu/hr. – Available now
  • Natural and propane gas models meet your gas requirements.
  • Electronic controls with easy to operate digital touch panel.
    • Room temperature display
    • Mode selection
    • Condensate pump indicator
  • Built-in thermostat with easy to select temperature and operation controls.
  • Easy installation with easy to use, low-cost PVC pipe that meets all installation requirements.
  • Horizontal or vertical venting. Up to 50' equivalent length venting.
  • Sealed 2-stage heat exchanger.
    • Most efficient burner system available
  • Uses fresh outside air for a cleaner burn. Great for sealed houses. No make-up air required.
  • Attractive, durable soft-white powder-coat finish that blends with any interior.
  • Quiet operation contributes to the comfort of the space.