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Forsaire™ Direct-Vent Counterflow Furnaces

Direct-Vent Counterflow

The forced-air circulation comfort heating system uses only outside air for combustion, as the burners are completely sealed within the combustion chamber.  Combustion products are discharged outdoors through the wall vent.  This eliminates the expense of a vent.  All vent caps include a built-in “Bird Guard.”  All vent material is included. Ideal for garages.

Design Features

  • Freestanding or recessed, Forsaire™ furnaces are ideal for homes, apartments, offices, schools, cabins and many other applications
  • Counterflow blower system circulates ceiling-to-floor warm air
  • “Matchless” pilot igniter
  • Multi-room heating with optional outlet accessories to heat up to three rooms
  • Equipped with a four-foot service cord
  • Natural or propane models (conversion kits available)
  • Automatic temperature and safety controls
  • Resettable vent-limit safety switch (top-vent models)
  • Thermostat Sold Separately - Part #8967

Direct Vent Furnaces

Compact, space-saving furnaces featuring simple, low-cost installation.  Attractive and economical, Direct-Vent furnaces are a popular choice for heating the home.  14,000, 22,000 and 30,000 Btu/hr. sizes.

Direct-Vent Gravity

These models require no electricity and are great during power outages.

Design Features

  • No electricity required
  • “Matchless” pilot igniter
  • Easy installation – all vent material included
  • All vent caps include built-in “Bird Guard”
  • Long-life, ceramic-coated combustion chamber (22,000 and 30,000 Btu/hr. models)
  • Automatic temperature and safety controls
  • Sealed combustion chamber requires no room air
  • Attractive, durable, soft-white, scratch-resistant finish blend with any décor
  • Natural and propane gas models (conversion kits available)
  • Thermostat Sold Separately - Part #8967

High Efficiency Direct Vent Furnaces

A low profile furnace that may be installed nearly anywhere.  Great for homes, apartments, offices, garages and room additions.  Natural and Propane models. 7,400 & 17,700 Btu/hr.

Design Features

  • Efficiency Ratings:
    • 7,400 Btu/hr. Series:  72% Thermal Efficiency
    • 17,700 Btu/hr. Series:  81% Thermal Efficiency
  • Natural and propane gas models
  • Easy installation — all vent material included
  • Attractive, durable fresh-white finish
  • Natural and propane models
  • Unique wall-mount design frees up floor space
  • Small, low-profile vent size
  • Sealed-combustion safety technology uses no inside room air for operation