Variable performance value at a fixed performance cost!

The TRACvalve™ variable fan coil is a budget-friendly, cost efficient approach to increasing comfort through the leaving air temperature control.  With TRACvalve™, the horsepower required by the system’s central pumps is reduced.  Plus, central plant efficiency is improved by moderating and lowering overall demand.

TRACvalve™ adjusts to the design LAT, maintaining a high Delta-T across the coil.  Variable fluid flow reacts to room and system changes, reducing GPM at lower load demand.  TRACvalve™ variable fan coils are an excellent choice for any indoor environment in which tracking and adjusting to real time variable load is critical.

The TRACvalve™ Advantage

A typical valve package offers the following:

  • Test Ports
  • Ball Valves
  • On/Off two-way valve, 50 PSI close
  • Strainer with blow down
  • Cleanable flow limiting valve
  • Requires balancing

With TRACvalve™ , you get:

  • Reduced flow of up to 80%!
  • Improved chiller efficiency
  • TRACvalve™ , 130 PSI close
  • Self-cleaning with LAT sensor
  • Rangeability 300:1
  • Pressure independence
  • Self-balancing